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Epoxy Floor Coating

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Epoxy Floor Coating

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for an epoxy floor coating. The results you experience will ultimately be determined by the product you choose to coat your floor. EpoxyTech has created an industrial-strength floor coating that is five times thicker than paint, it 3.8 times stronger than concrete, and is guaranteed to deliver a lifetime of performance, free from chipping, cracking, or peeling.

Experience the Nest Generation Epoxy Floor Coating

What makes our product different from other products being sold today is that it is made from 100% Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Solids- ideal for garage floors, basements, warehouses, showrooms, and a wide range of other applications. Our product is used across the globe in some of the most demanding industrial environments that require nothing less than the highest durability.

Our product costs more to manufacture because our coating is not cut with fillers, inferior grade ingredients, or chemicals that reduce its performance- so it’s a bit more of an initial investment. Our customers tell us the money spent on our product pays for itself many times over- and we think you’ll find that’s true in your project as well.

Beware- Not All Epoxy Coatings Are Equal

You could spend a few dollars less to purchase an epoxy floor coating, but in the end, you’ll discover its value was based on its lack of longevity. Inferior coatings typically peel or crack within a few short years- something our product is guaranteed never to do- for life. We recommend accepting no substitutes and demanding the highest quality of epoxy for your commercial or industrial floor coating- you’ll be glad you invested in an epoxy that doesn’t fail to perform over time.

The Molecular Link Bonding Technology Advantage

Read about our product’s incredible adhesion rate in the ‘Advantages’ section of our website or call a product specialist to ask about the details of the EpoxyTech advantage. Our epoxy floor coating has the highest adhesion rate and durability characteristics of any product ever tested in the industry- guaranteed. See a field test demo video by scrolling down on our homepage to the paragraph entitled What is Molecular Link Bonding Technology? You won’t find a similar product sold on the Web or elsewhere.

Choose the Right Kit For Your Application

We’re pleased to offer our customers a variety of options when purchasing EpoxyTech products. Select from full and half Installer Kits, product only options, and full kits with no tools. Our kits are offered in 1.5, 3, 15, and 165-gallon drums. Check out metallic epoxy floor coating kits and color samples on our website.

Explore our site’s resources to learn more about the distinct advantages of using our epoxy coating or reach out to a Live Chat agent or product expert by phone. We offer 24/7 support, whether you just have a product question or you need a bit of help with the application process. We guarantee exceptional, long-lasting results using EpoxyTech’s floor coating products- for a lifetime of performance and value.

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