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Metallic Epoxy Floors

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Metallic Epoxy Floors

Do you want to make your garage or commercial floor shine? If you are ready to paint your garage floor, you may want to consider using the best epoxy paint on the market. At EpoxyTech we have been selling high quality epoxy paints for more than a half a century. We offer a variety of different epoxy paint kits including those to create high gloss metallic epoxy floors. Our products are industrial grade so they will hold up to wear and tear and spills for years. EpoxyTech has been used by GM, Ford, Virgin, Boeing and many more companies.

Choose the Best Paint for Metallic Epoxy Floors

At EpoxyTech our paint is the strongest, thickest and most durable epoxy available. We use a special type of 100% cycloaliphatic solids so our product adheres better and lasts longer. You won’t need to repaint your floor for years. It provides a surface that is 5 times thicker than standard epoxy and 3.8 times stronger than concrete. Our products are 10 times stronger than our competitors. We have five star ratings on Amazon and Ebay and offer a warranty.

Our epoxy floor kits offer a fast and easy way to create beautiful and durable metallic epoxy floors. The floor will have an incredible shine and will be dustproof and have antimicrobial properties. The surface is highly resistant to solvents, gas, oil, salt and acids so it will provide you with a lasting shine. The product will cover minor imperfections in your floor because it goes on very thick.

Our kits for metallic epoxy floors have 33 percent more mica metallic pigment than other kits on the market. This means that you get better coverage and a deep 3D look that is quite impressive. The kits for metallic epoxy floors include a three-coat system that is easy to use yet gives you professional results.

EpoxyTech Metallic Epoxy Kits

Our kits make it easy to create a perfect garage floor. They include everything you need to do the job from start to finish. Each metallic kit includes 3 gallons of epoxy coating, 3 gallons of tinted epoxy primer, 1.5 gallons of polyurethane clear coat, two jars of mica metallic iron oxide, clean and etch solution, trim brush, disposable gloves, roller cover, squeegee and mixing wand. We also include complete instructions. The kit includes enough epoxy paint to cover 300 to 350 square feet.

We also offer kits that will cover smaller and larger floor areas. Choose from our wide range of metallic colors such as sandbar, azure, rum, manatee, whale and many more. You can find our entire selection of colors online. The metallic colored primer enhances the 3D effect of the metallic paint and creates a luxurious and lustrous appearance.

You can beautify, protect and restore your garage or industrial floor to make it sensational. We are happy to assist you by answering any questions and we will also put together any kit that best suits your needs. Contact us today to place an order.  

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